City Walls Hostel is built on a historical site dating from before the 10th Century, situated in the heart of Dubrovnik's historical Old Town, an ancient city brimming with amazing architecture, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on one side and amazing fortified walls on the other. City Walls Hostel is located just outside the Western wall of the Old Town and was featured in Game of Thrones, featured as 'King's Landing'. Among other celebrity visitors, Tyrion Lannister has been a guest in the City Walls Hostel.

City Walls Hostel is situated in a quiet part of Dubrovnik Old Town, close to all facilities but away from the noise and bustle of the cruise ship crowds and all night revellers. City walls Hostel is seconds/minutes away from the famous cliff-side Buza Bar, the Etnographic Museum Rupe, the Maritime Museum, Banje and Porporela Beaches, not to mentions a wide selection of great restaurants, bars, shops and world class historic sites.

Dubrovnik is a hilly town and stairs are everywhere. As the historical Old Town is completely pedestrianised visitors should be prepared to walk and climb to enjoy the best of the City's charms. To help navigate the maze of Dubrovnik Old Town's medieval streets, we advise you to print the following directions. You may find it easier to travel with a backpack to avoid the need to drag a suitcase over cobbled streets, gravel courtyards, and up and down stairs.

If you arrive by car, the city recently completed a huge parking garage located @ 15 minute walk from the Old City gates. It is probably your best option and preferable to on street parking as the Police are known for ticketing and towing cars. When you drive into Dubrovnik, you can't miss the public Parking Garage indicated by a large sign. There are regular shuttles buses or alternatively you can enjoy the walk to the main Pile Gates. The instructions for finding the property from the main Pile Gate is listed below.

Passenger boats and buses arrive to the port of Gruz in Dubrovnik. The Old Town is a 10 minute bus ride or drive from Pile Gate. To get to the Old Town upon arrival in Gruz Ferry Port, you can either take a taxi (@80 KUNA) or ride the public bus (15 KUNA). If you buy your bus ticket from the newspaper kiosk, it is cheaper. Take either the 1A or 1B 'Pile Gate' bus. Once you get to the Old Town, enter through Pile Gate (main entrance).

Upon arrival at Dubrovnik Airport, your cheapest option is to take an airport shuttle (@40 KUNA) which picks up passengers outside the arrival hall and drops you off just outside Pile Gate (main entrance to the Old Town). Airport taxis are available as well (@250 KUNA). The taxi rank is next to the shuttle bus. If no taxis are available, you can request one from the information desk.

Once you enter 'Pile Gate' (the main entrance to Dubrovnik's Old Town), it's a ten minute walk to City Walls Hostel.
(1) Head straight down the main street 'Placa' (Stradun) towards the Clock Tower. One block before the Clock Tower, turn right (just after a large cafe called 'Cele' with on street seating). If you pass the statue of Orlando ( a sword bearing knight) in front of St. Blaise's Church, you've gone too far. (@ 2-5 minutes)
(2) After turning right at Cele you will pass loal country ladies selling fruits and vegetables in Gundulic Square. The prices are more expensive than if you visit the Konzum supermarket just next to them but for their charms and to support the local economy , it probably worth paying the extra. In the evening, Gundulic Square is filled with dining tables. Continue past the square and up the broad sweeping steps leading to the Jesuit Monastery. (@ 3 minutes)
(3) Once you have climbed the 'Spanish Steps', take a breather at the gravel placa infront of the Jesuit Monastery. Completed in 1725, it houses the oldest bell in Dubrovnik (cast in 1355 by Vivencije and his son Viator). Next to the Church is the baroque building of the former Classical Collegium of Dubrovnik. Now walk left through the gravel courtyard until you see a wooden sign that reads 'Cold Drinks With Most Beautiful View'. (@ 30s)
(4) Turn right at the sign towards the cliff-side cafe bar 'Cold Drinks' (Buza). This will take you along a path and gradual steps that follow the outer sea wall. Once you see the next 'Cold Drinks' sign, you are almost at City Walls Hostel. You may be tempted to knock back a cold beer but save your money, a 'welcome' drink is waiting for you! (@ 3 minutes)
(5) Continue walking straight past two small alleys. Look above and you will sea City Walls Hostel lamp with our logo! City Walls is the tall corner building located on your right-hand side. It is a four-story building . (@ 1 minute)
(6) Welcome to City Walls Hostel!!!

Looking forward to your stay!

Safe Journeys!
City Walls Hostel crew
Svetog Šimuna 15
Dubrovnik 20000


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